Akitsu-Shima Holistic Massage - For Your Health, Your Body, Your Life
Modalities Available

Deep Tissue / Sports Massage
A deep tissue massage designed for the individual wanting a more detailed massage for specific muscle groups.  I will incorporate active stretches with the deep muscle work to help repair injuries and speed up the healing process. 
30 minutes $35.00  60 minutes $65.00  90 minutes  $95.00
Swedish Massage
Swedish massage therapy is one of the most relaxing and stress reduction therapies.  With long smooth steady strokes you will feel relaxed and all your troubles will melt away.
30 minutes $35.00   60 minutes $65.00   90 minutes $95.00
Chinese Cupping Massage
Cupping brings drawn skin and underlying tissues into the cup via negative pressure.  It helps in removing stagnation's in Qi, blood, and other body fluids, soothes the nervous system, loosens adhesion's, increases blood flow.  Add this treatment to most modalities.
Tui Na Massage "Acupressure"
According to traditional chines medical practices, poor blood and "chi" circulation are causes of most illness.  Thus 2000 year old massage focuses on specific pain sites and is used for treating muscle-skeletal and chronic stress related disorders by a combination of acupressure and massage therapy
90 minutes $95.00
Reiki is a healing energy for mind, body and spirit.  The essence of Reiki is to cleanse the body and balance the chakras bring harmony to mind, body and spirit through a detoxifying process as well as promoting a more positive attitude.
30 minutes $35.00   60 minutes $65.00   90 minutes $95.00
Specials and Packages

Purchase 5 massages in advance receive your 6th massage FREE

Purchase 10 massages in advance receive 3 more
massage FREE
20% Veterans Discounts
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