Akitsu-Shima Holistic Massage - For Your Health, Your Body, Your Life
I have been utilizing deep tissue massage for chronic headaches due to a motor vehicle accident for several years now.  Diana is the best practioner of therapeutic massage I've come across.  Not only have my headaches become more manageable, they occur less often.  I've been able to reduce the amount of Advil taken by half which is saying a lot since I've been taking it for over 20 years in fairly high doses.  Diana has not only improved my pain but she has helped me to increase my quality of life.  Anne-Marie Sall, RN  
I love massage!  I have had many over the years and many in Bend but, Diana is the best hands down!! Tired sore muscles, stress, tension or just pure relaxation you can't go wrong going to Diana.  Judy S 
Diana has been my therapist for over 9 years now.  Her therapeutic touch has help me increase my quality of life.   She is always pleasant and professional and has a high level of knowledge of the human body.  R .Vetter 
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